Anaranya’s 108 Herbs Ubtan Lemon Scrub Bar | 75gr for all skin types | Pack of 2

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  • Cleanses And Tones The Skin
  • It Helps In Exfoliation
  • Treats Pimples and Acne and Lighten Skin Tone
  • It helps in nourishing
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Ubtan Powder Fights Skin Infections. Cleanses And Tones The Skin. Contributes To Skin’s Suppleness And Smoothness. Works as an Astringent. It Helps In Exfoliation. Stimulates Blood Circulation in the Body. Lemon Soaps Are A Great Way for a Refreshing and Reviving Bathing Experience. If You Want Long-Lasting Freshness, Then You Need A Lemon Soap. Lemon Is Known For Its Anti-Bacterial Properties. Lemon Rejuvenates and Revives the Skin, Treats Pimple and Acne and Lighten Skin Tone. The walnut beads exfoliate dead skin cells and skin impurities which may cause Freckles, blackheads and whiteheads. It helps in nourishing.


Saponified Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Ubtan Powder, Lemon Extract, Lime Extract, Walnut Beads, and Glycerine, Sorbitol, and Sodium Gluconate Lemon Fragrance oil.

Safety Information:

Avoid contact with eyes, seek a doctor if necessary, and Keep it out of the Reach of children and pets.


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