About Us

Anaranya is an emerging brand in nutraceuticals, cosmetics (natural and authentic) products all over India. Anaranya products are manufactured under the supervision of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors and the products are made up of Herbal active elements which are articulated from organically grown pure plant extracts. Anaranya is an authentic, traditional personal beauty care brand that is 100% natural and made using age-old ancient Ayurveda recipes with organic ingredients sourced directly from farmers across the country. Established in 2021, B2B and B2C company of Ayurvedic Skin and Beauty Care Products that are pure, fresh, and completely natural. Anaranya products are of WHO, GMP and ISO standards and they inculcate the ideologies of preservative formulae for everyday uses.

Our Mission

We believe that beauty products made of living substances such as plants, herbs, or their extracts, are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life. These contain all the purifying, nutritive, and balancing properties necessary to nurture the skin and for eternal beauty.

Thus our mission is to create awareness about such products and urge one and all to use such natural products only is to create more awareness about the authentic Ayurveda methods in developing beauty and skincare products alongside generating business and work opportunities for the farmers. Our mission is to help every individuals with herbal remedial solutions for all their healthcare related problems so that they can enrich a healthy life and for that we provide a wide range of high-quality products which are accumulated from purely herbal ingredients, derived from nature and cultures.

Our goal is to create value for all our customers & consumers by fulfilling our mission.

Our commitment to our customers & consumers is to always provide them with the highest degree of pure, standardized & quality-oriented products.

Quality Assurance

We are engaged with exclusive range of Natural beauty Products. These are available for direct contacts to the clients.

Moreover, we certify that we stringently test our assortments on numerous parameters of quality.



  • We use the highest possible concentration of organic and wild crafted (harvested from their natural or “wild” habitat, for food or medicinal purposes) ingredients in every treatment, and use cold-pressed, certied organic plant oils as the base wherever possible.


  • We use only whole plant ingredients, which have not been altered from their natural state conforming to the ancient Ayurvedic texts. We don’t process our plant ingredients, which mean no bleach, deodorizing, rening, or gamma radiation. Each plant maintains its original attributes.


  • Our ingredients and formulas are never tested on animals.


  • Anaranya plants are grown in their ideal habitats, which allow them to thrive and their essences to reach peak potential.


  • Used in Nano technology are completely natural NON-GMO COSMOS certified sourced from a certified company. Nano liposomes contains phospholipids, glycerol, distilled water, herbs.
  • We source Nano gold 24kt, Nano silver 999.5%, Nano pearl, and Nano diamond ash from a certified company.
  • Used in Nano technology are completely natural NON-GMO COSMOS certied sourced from a certied company. Nano liposomes contains phospholipids, glycerol, distilled water, herbs.
  • All our Nano products are bioavailable and made of plant material only. We use COSMOS certied high-quality & concentrated phospholipids from NONGMO soybean for better stability and high efficacy, glycerol, distilled water, herbs, and other natural plan tactives.


  • According to FDA cosmetic manufacturers can make Nano technology products of particle size above 100nm. All Nano herbal extracts are free from chemicals, alcohol, and other harsh ingredients. We make various Nano herbal liposomes or anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, under the eye, skin radiant, skin rejuvenation, hair growth, etc.


  • Real power of plants
  • We develop products based on the essence of Plants for the cosmetic market.
  • We use high added value natural active ingredients skin and hair care products to obtain the real power of nature.


  • Creativity drives us as a company. What nature has solved, we apply it in a creative way


  • We respect nature from its essence.
  • Awareness of nature and sustainability.
  • A sustainable production process is carried out according to our philosophy.


  • Fancy packaging, slick advertising and tall claims have been the staple menu of the beauty industry for years. We believe, such tactics can help sell a product but only once. If a product does not deliver results, it is a dud; no matter how pretty or luxurious the packaging might be! Hence, our focus has always been on creating products that work without compromising on their purity or the Ayurvedic principles they are based on. Feedback like these makes us feel not only validated but adds to our lessons and growth! The values of Safety, Honesty and Effectiveness dene us and we strive to live up to them every day. You can expect to nd these three attributing to every product that you purchase from us or will, in the future. Here is to more lessons and growth.
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